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The State of Instructor-Led Training in 2018

Posted by Jeff Letson | February 05, 2018

As a society, we’re past the era where there’s an app for everything: now there’s at least ten. People use personal devices for reading books and articles, learning new languages, fact-checking during arguments, and doing actual work. But in a world where day-to-day education is ubiquitous with digital connection, is there still a place for face-to-face instruction? The short answer is yes, but the way that instructors interact with their students and provide learning content is experiencing a shift. Keep reading to learn how instructor-led training (ILT) in the corporate space is as relevant as ever.

Training Leaders in an Age of Division

Posted by Jeff Letson | January 25, 2018

In today’s political climate, it’s pointless to pretend that we aren’t, in some ways, a people divided. From the big picture to personal relationships to the workplace, tensions are high. It’s impossible to ask people not to have political opinions, and while private employers in most states are allowed to ban political discussion when it interferes with work, such policies are difficult to enforce and often come off as heavy-handed. Yet allowing political tensions to run amok in the workplace can seriously damage productivity, team dynamics, and employee satisfaction. Here are four key skills to teach company leaders for when tempers run hot.

Corporate Training Outlook and Trends for 2018

Posted by Jeff Letson | January 08, 2018

Flexibility. Agility. Adaptability. Raise your hand if you heard these corporate buzzwords in 2017. From the age of the workforce to the demands of the market, so much about business is shifting, and business practices, including training and development, are shifting with it. It’s a brand new year, and corporate training is putting companies’ commitment to change to the test with these exciting trends to watch for.