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August 12, 2008


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The distrust is well founded based on the sleazy practices of many online communities, products, organizations. Much is being remedied, but in the mind of many - the damage is done. Spam; recurring fees; free promotions that turn out to be monthly purchases in a "club" unless you bend over backwards to say no; irritating multitudes of promotions and partner promotions.

I am of the exact opposite nature from the person you refer to....I join just to see whats up. I often even agree to pay at first just to see whats up. Then I suffer. Turns out I didn't realize that payment was recurring. I agreed to something because as I read the "terms and conditions" my toddler jumped on my lap and I just hit "ok." I know am on thousands of marketing lists and I get 300 spam emails a day.

The distrust is well-founded, and now we have to work even harder to establish credibility online. If we are talking about physical entities, then the location we choose comes with a price tag, but also a certain level of credibility attached to it. Not so online. The sleaze balls have the same ability to put up a sleek and well functioning storefront as anyone else.

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